International Programs

The Faculty of Engineering, KU, offers International Degree Programs that emphasize  creative thinking as well as research and analysis in engineering disciplines, leading to an advanced research capability and highly qualified and innovative engineering minds to serve our rapidly changing world.

International Bachelor Degree Programs

I. International Undergraduate Degree Program (IUP)

offers a 4 year  engineering program in 3 majors:

II. International Double Degree Program

The International Double Degree Program (IDDP), established in 1999, is jointly delivered by the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Kasetsart University (KU) in Bangkok, Thailand and the School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at RMIT University (RMIT) in Melbourne, Australia.

This program is intended to specifically meet the current and future demands of the aerospace industry, delivering highly talented graduates with qualifications and skills in Aerospace Engineering and Business Management. B. Eng. Degrees in Aerospace Engineering are conferred by Kasetsart University and RMIT University as well as a B. Bus.  in Management from RMIT University. The total duration of the program is five and a half years with the first 3 years of academic enrollment at Kasetsart University.

International Bachelor Degree Courses Open to Students 

International Master Degree Programs

International Master Degree Courses Open to Students

International Doctoral Degree Program

International Doctoral Degree Courses Open to Students