We strongly encourage our students to perform their internships abroad. The purpose of the global student internships is: (1) to apply the theories and concepts they have learned in our classrooms and laboratories in a real-world, professional environment; (2) to gain beneficial work experience relevant to their fields of study; and (3) to become more self-reliant as well as improve their language skills and cultural awareness.

☐       Students in international programs are encouraged to do their internships abroad.

☐       Scholarships are available to almost all IUP students.


☐       To expand our students’ opportunities to gain international exposure and broaden their skills and knowledge, KU has signed several Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with foreign universities to promote the following programs:

  • ·             student exchange programs
  • ·             joint degree programs
  • ·             visiting professor programs
  • ·             research collaboration programs
  • ·             international seminars


Details of Internship Programs (Outbound)

1. Internship Duration

Upon completion of three years of study, our engineering students in all programs are required to do an internship of at least 2 months (some programs require 6 months).

Period: during June – August or June – December.

2. Expectations of your internship

The objective of the student internships is to gain practical work experience, where students can apply their academic knowledge to carry out work in a real-world setting. In addition, our students will learn to work and interact in different cultures and environments. If they do their internships at a university, students will then be under the supervision of a professor (or a Ph.D./Master student and a professor). They can perform work in a research laboratory at university.

The assignments from their professors will usually take place in the form of a project. The following topics are sample assignments for students in our Software and Knowledge Engineering program:

Topic 1: Development of a Web service Interface for a Measuring and

Control Framework

– Design of the Interface

– Development of the server-application

– Implementation with Java RMI / Java SIMON

– Development of a client application for remote access on time-series data

Topic 2: Web application for a distributed flashcard learning game.

– Design of the user front-end

– Implementation with HTML / CSS and JavaScript

3. Goal of an internship

To enhance and strengthen students’ engineering and interpersonal skills in various professional settings.

4. Student internship achievement

Students require evaluation from their supervisors at the host institutes in order to assess their effectiveness in performing the assigned tasks and projects.