Aerospace Engineering

Courses of study in the Department of Aerospace Engineering lead to undergraduate and graduate level degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Aviation Sciences as follows:

  1. B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering degree program,
  2. B.S. in Aviation Management degree program,
  3. B.S. in Aviation Technology degree program,
  4. International double degrees program leading to B.Eng. in Aerospace Engineering and B. Bus. in Management (in cooperation with RMIT university, Melbourne, Australia) and,
  5. M. Eng. in Aerospace Engineering (in cooperation the Royal Thai Air-Force Academy).

Our current research activities cover a broad spectrum of topics in aerospace engineering and aviation sciences including: aerodynamics, aircraft design, aircraft structures, flight dynamics and control, propulsion, space flight, as well as aviation industry and technology related topics.

The department’s teaching and research facility located at Si Racha campus houses large size equipment such as a closed-circuit -1.0m x 1.0m x 3.0m test section – subsonic wind tunnel, an 8 actuators structural dynamic test machine, and a 54 channel vibration testing equipment that is used to support research and students’ activities.

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