KU Aerospace Engineering students received four awards in an international unmanned aircraft design competition (AAVC2020)


 A student team from the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, KU has won four awards in a competition for unmanned aircraft design – The 6th Autonomous Aerial Vehicle Challenge 2020 (AAVC2020), organized by the International Academy of Aviation Industry in collaboration with the Consortium of Aerospace Engineering (organization of the aerospace engineering network) between 12-14 January 2020 at King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang Prince of Chumphon Campus, Chumphon Province.

Awards received included:

– 1st prize in the category of Hybrid VTOL

– Best Simplified Aircraft Award in the category of Hybrid VTOL

– Best Airmanship Award or aircraft operating award in the fixed wing aircraft category

– Maximum Loading Capacity award or the ability to carry the largest payload in the rotary wing category

         There were more than 20 teams from Japan, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand that participated in the competition, which was divided into three categories: Fixed Wing, Hybrid VTOL and Rotary Wing, and there were three rounds. In the first two rounds, contestants with the most points were selected. In order to compete in the 3rd round, in which each team had to compete to design and build an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) with search assist systems as well as the ability to release luggage from a distance in order to perform a search and rescue mission in both simulated and real environments.

          In this competition, the KU Aerospace Engineering student team demonstrated a model aircraft -Thrust-vectoring Tail Sitter for the judges and the other contestants. For the demonstration, the team won 1st place in the Hybrid VTOL category and the Best Airmanship Award in the Fixed Wing category.

         In addition, the team also brought a model helicopter to the competition and was awarded the Maximum Loading Capacity, or the highest bearing capacity in the rotary wing category, and the Best Simplified Aircraft award in the category of hybrid VTOL.

           The team members consisted of students from unmanned aircraft laboratories ISACC and CiiMAV, the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, with a total of 20 students, divided into:

            Four students from ISAAC (Intelligent Structure and Automatic Control Laboratory): Mr. Isarapab PAOYA, Mr. Watcharapol WANICHANON, Mr. Narin PANTHONG and Mr. Chawanakorn SRISAWAT. The team consultant was Dr. Chaiwat KLAMPOL.

           16 students from CiiMAV Laboratory (Center of Innovative and Integrated Mini & Micro Air Vehicle): Mr. Anand FICHES, Mr. Ekarat SATHIDWATTANASANT, Mr. Wanawat THAWACHWONG, Mr. Rangsan PANYADHAMMAKHUN, Miss Papatchaya ANANTECHAPHON, Miss Sasiwimol KATJANANON, Miss Jitkwan YONGPAKSEE, Mr. Wisarut LEELAWUTTIPRASERT, Mr.  Pravit KUL SATHON, Mr. Nasapol THANOMWONG, Miss Suphassara CHAI APHA, Miss Suthita SIRIWATTANALERT, Miss Warisara WONGPRASIT, Mr. Thanayut Miss Wilasinee THAWICHSRI, and Mr. Sittipong THONGPAN, with Asstistant Professor Dr. Chinnapat THIPYOPAS as the team advisor.