23 August 2019, Visit by Osaka University and OTC Daihen Asia


A joint delegation from Osaka University and OTC Daihen Asia Co., Ltd., paid a visit to our Faculty of Engineering on 23 August. Our dean Dr Peerayuth Charnsethikul; Assoc Prof Dr Apichart Rodchanarowan, assistant dean for foreign relations and international affairs; and Mr Nontawat Junjaroen, honorary advisor to the dean; welcomed the delegation consisting of Dr Tetsuo Suga, visiting professor at Osaka University’s Joining and Welding Research Institute; Ms Chie Hashimoto, lecturer; OTC Daihen Asia’s president Mr Satoshi Nakatsu; Mr Gen Tsujii, executive vice president; Mr Keitaro Moriyama, finance manager; Mr Hironori Noda, general manager of OTC Daihen Asia’s Navanakorn factory; Ms Panittha Chankasem, executive director; Mr Jethdilok Nuamsamlee, general manager of their production division; and MS Naridsara Saowijit, manager of their personnel department.

Together they discussed a coupling internship program which is jointly administered by our Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University and OTC Daihen Asia. Subsequently, a presentation was given by a group of eight students who had performed this joint internship program this year.

For the purpose of the coupling internship, OTC Daihen Asia has research and educational hubs for innovative manufacturing throughout Asia, such as India, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia (apart from Japan, of course). Students can go on plant tours, participate in workshops on Japanese corporate management principles, safety, quality assurance, process design and control, communication skills and cross-cultural issues, as well as practice technical operations such as injection moulding, gas cutting, robotics and welding.