A lecturer, students, and graduated students showcased products in METALEX


An electrical engineering lecturer, bachelor and master degree students, as well as graduates from the Machine Vision research group of the Department of Electrical Engineering showcased their products together with the Japanese private sector in METALEX, at Bitec Bangna, from November 21 to 24 2018. These products are intended for industrial visual inspection. They have been implemented during internships/ employment in Thailand after internships/ employment in Japan upon graduation.

While attending During METALEX, Dr. Miti Ruchanurucks of the research group also met with Japanese government representatives. The key point of their discussion was the multi-national Open Innovation Platform, an initiative of Ms. Erica Maesincee.

Moreover, students who are going to perform their internships, with companies in Japan during the summer of 2019, were given the opportunity to discuss with engineers and executives figures of those companies beforehand as part of their preparation before leaving Thailand and embarking on their Japanese internships.