10 temples: Cruising Along Chao Phraya River



The faculty of Engineering, Kasetsart University, hosted a one-day cultural trip, 10 Temples: Cruising along Chao Phraya River. This cultural visit was held on April 6th 2017, just a week prior to Thai New Year, a so-called Song Kran 2017. The cruising journey started at 8:00 am and ended about 5:00 pm.  The cultural cruising trip included 10 temples along Chao Phraya River within the vicinity of Nontaburi and Bangkok. During the trip, all explanation and description were all in English.

This special occasion was to bring international students (Japan and Indonesia), visiting professors (Japan and Australia), international staff (the Philippines), Thai students, Thai faculty members, and Thai staff to expose to Thai culture.  In addition, this activity was to give the opportunity for participants to worship the Buddha statues and express their gratitude towards the previous and current Thai monarchs.