Study Programs at The Faculty of Engineering

  1. UnderGraduate Programs 

1.1  INTERNATIONAL UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAM (IUP)offers the following international

undergraduate degree programs:


☒        Electrical Engineering (Communication)2014

☒        Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering

☒        Environmental Engineering 2015

 ☒        Mechanical Engineering

☒        Software and Knowledge Engineering

☒        Industrial Engineering 2015



Download courses for  the first Semester 2014,  Facebook: IUP Kasetsart


                   1.2 International Double Degree Program (IDDP) in Aerospace Engineering & Business Management


2. Graduate Programs: The Faculty of Engineering offers the following graduate  degree programs:


☒       Master Degree in Advanced & Sustainable Environmental Engineering

☒      Master Degree in Chemical Engineering

☒      Master Degree in Engineering Management

☒      Master Degree in Environmental Engineering

☒      Master Degree in Industrial Engineering

☒      Master Degree in Information & Communication Technology

                                                     for Embedded Systems

☒      Doctoral Degree in Chemical Engineering

☒     Doctoral Degree in Industrial Engineering