Estimate cost & Living

Flat Tuition Fee for undergraduate of engineering enrolling in academic year 2017

I. International Undergraduate Program (IUP) Fees

  • Semester Fees
Semester Fees Thai Baht/semester
Tuition Fee (flat rate) 56,000
University Support Fee 4,700
Total 60,700
  • Summer Fees
Summer Fees Thai Baht/semester
Tuition Fee (flat rate) 21,000
University Support Fee 2,000
Total 23,000

II. International Double Degree Program

Kasetsart University & Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Bachelor of Engineering (Aerospace Engineering) & Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)

  1. Fees at Kasetsart University (for 3 years)

Flat-rate Tuition Fee:                      89,100 Baht/Semester

Damage Deposit:                           10,000 Baht

  1. Fees and estimated expenses at RMIT (for 2.5 years)

Tuition Fees:                                  Approx. AUD$ 38,016/year

Living & other expenses:               Approx. AUD$ 1,300/month