June-July 2017


For two months from June-July 2017, we (Sutticha & Chamaiporn, IUP, EE) have the chance to work in Research & Development Department at RYOWA CO., LTD. Our work was design inspection application using Cognex software, comparative inspection, Robot teaching and cooperation between robot and image processing. At the beginning, we must learn basic knowledge of image processing and familiarize with the inspection equipment. They assigned us to do comparative inspections contain blade inspection, Rubber cap inspection and pin inspection. We also have learned about NACHI robot, learned how to program and control the robot. And the last assignment was connecting the robot with 3D scanner (DS1101) to measure size of workpiece which cooperate with the application.

Our supervisor and colleagues were very generous and helpful. They always find time for our questions and be willing to teach us so many things that went far beyond the theoretical knowledge we gained in university. They were really warm and also taught us a lot about Japanese culture.

“Our heartiest thanks are due to Mr. Hiroyumi Tanaka CEO of RYOWA, who gave us an opportunity and supported us an accommodation. Our supervisor, Mr. Keisuke Miyata who always gave us good advice and teaching us a long 2 months. And Ms. Kayo Kuninaka who taking care of us since the first day until the last. On this internship, we did not only gain and apply the knowledge but more importantly, we also learned many things about Japanese culture and Japanese language.”

Now, we are even more than grateful that RYOWA provides Fac. of Eng. a license of Cognex to continue the collaboration in Thailand.

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