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Vol.7 : January - March
Vol.7 : April - June
Vol.7 : July - September
Vol.7 : October - December
Vol.7 January - March
Numerical Solution Comparison of a One-dimensional Time-dependent Heat Conduction EquationSathaporn Chuepeng
The Comparative Analysis of Logistics Performance Measures of the Foundry industrySirang Klankamsorn
Simulation and Sensitivity Analysis of Refrigerating System by Newton Raphson's MethodMontri Thumrongpirun
Highway Design Checking Manual for InterchangesWatcharin Witayakul and Siraprapha Ratiwat
Lightning Performance Assessment and Survey of Outage Cost to Improve Lightning Protection System oNattaya Klairuang * and Winai Plueksawan
Dual-Stage Actuator Track Following Control of Hard Disk Drives Using Two Degrees-of-Freedom HͩWithit Chatlatanagulchai and Kittinun Prasertsom

Vol.7 April - June
Thermophilic Methane Production from Palm Oil Mill EffluentTaniya Sattaphai , Nipon Pisutpaisal * and Chantaraporn Phalakornkule
Simulation and Economic Evaluation of Ethanol Production from Sweet SorghumUraiwan KAEWCHAROENSOMBAT and Thongchai SRINOPHAKUN
A Simulation of Single Water Droplet Evaporation : An Investigation of Sprinkler Water SpraySompop Jarungthammachote
Pyrolysis of palmitic acid with added CaO as deoxygenating agentAran Wasantakorn*, Thanida Nitthanon, Nuon Chuthong, and Wisanya Phasuek
Effects of Music on Microbial Substrate Utilization of Aerobic Bacteria from Municipal Wastewater TrSuppajee Pornpongmetta and Monthon Thanuttamavong
Effects of Music on Microbial Substrate Utilization of Aerobic Bacteria from Municipal Wastewater TrSuppajee Pornpongmetta and Monthon Thanuttamavong

Vol.7 July - September
A Review of Bias Correction Methods for The Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Water ResourcesShinjiro Kanae *, Tipaporn Homdee , Yoshihiko Iseri, Yoshihiro Shibuo and Kobkiat Pongput
Long-term Analysis and Averaging Timescale Analysis of Fractional Uncertainty on Eddy Covariance MeaWonsik Kim , Daisuke Komori and Jaeil Cho
Long-lived Typhoons over IndochinaMio Sugino and Takehiko Satomura
Diurnal Characteristics of Summertime Rainfall over North America using The Regional Spectral ModelTomohito J. Yamada,* Myong In Lee, Masao Kanamitsu, and Hideki Kanamaru
A Brief Review of Development and Application of H08, A Global Water Resources ModelNaota Hanasaki
The Algorithms and Application for Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GAMap)Shinta Seto
The Discrepancy of Overland Wind and Overwater WindButsawan Bidorn and Hansa Vathananukij
GIS Based Probability Technique for Z-R Relationship AnalysisSarintip Tantanee
Impacts of Climate and Land Cover Changes on Hydrometeorological TendencySaisunee Budhakooncharoen
Impacts of Climate and Land Cover Changes on Hydrometeorological TendencySaisunee Budhakooncharoen
Spatial Analysis and Drought Risk Determination in ThailandKalyanee Suwanprasert and Hansa Vathananukij
Assessment of The Climate Change Effect on Annual RunoffChaiwat Ekkawatpanit and Booranaphoke Buranet
An Investigation of The Preciptation Prediction Results of The Public Domain System Model (WRF)Somkuan Tonjan and Hansa Vathananukij
Upper Air Profiles in Thailand Eastern SeaboardVanisa Surapipith and Hansa Vathananukij
Sensor Network Architecture and Its Applications in Telemetry SystemsChaiporn Jaikaeo and Thitiwan Srinark
Development of Data Logger Based on Embedded System with Wireless Sensor Network for Hydrological MoDusit Thanapatay and Suphawut Malaikrisanachalee

Vol.7 October - December
Design of Experiment for New Product Development from Polyisocyanurate Foam ResiduesSirang Klankamsorn
The Experimental Study of Heat Loss through the Wall in A Downer ReactorChanin Sraphet, Terdthai Vatanatham and Sunun Limtrakul
Effects of Repeated Classical Clipping and Repeated Smooth Clipping for Papr Reduction in ofdm SystemFilbert H. Juwono
Applying Raw Fuel Injection Technique for Reducing Methane in Diesel Dual Fuel Engine AftertreatmentAnirut Noipeng, Wacharin Juntsuwan, Napumee Waitayapat and Ekathai Wirojsakunchai
Fundamental Concepts of Commercially Available Glucose SensorsAphichart Rodchanarowan,Apirat Pisankittichot and Prachak Inkaew
Spontaneous Ignition of Wood FiberHaritchat Nhongtakrai, Sompop Jarungthammachote
An Engine Cycle Simulation Study of Exhaust Valve Timings for a Diesel Dual-Fuel EngineThananchai Tepimonrat, Tanet Aroonsrisopon and Krisada Wannatong
Effects of Piston Design on In-cylinder Mixture Distribution in a Natural Gas EngineEkkawut Pattarajaree,Tanet Aroonsrisopon and Krisada Wannatong

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