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Vol.5 : January - March
Vol.5 : April - June
Vol.5 : July - September
Vol.5 : October - December
Vol.5 January - March
Solving Linear Programming with Finite Alternatives among ParametersYuthapoom Puttawong
An Investigation of the Performance of a Solar-Assisted Drying System for Drying BananasRosarin Smitabhindu* and Serm Janjai**
Trajectory Control of a Two-Link Robot Manipulator Carrying Uncertain Payload Using Quantitative FeWithit Chatlatanagulchai, Chakrit Srinangyam and Wichai Siwakosit
Credit Rating Changes and Firm?s Probabilities of DefaultWittaya Piya-arayanan
Fill ReplacementPirunkaset Montri

Vol.5 April - June
Transient Energy Dissipation of Power System with a Static Synchronous CompensatorPrechanon Kumkratug
Reducing Sensor Noise Effect in Trajectory Tracking of a One-link Flexible-joint Robot with QFT-baseWithit Chatlatanagulchai, Teeraphong Trakoolchokumnuay and Peerayot Sanposh
Prediction of Weldline Strength for Push-Pull Injection Molded Short- Glass-Fiber Reinforced ThermopSomjate Patcharaphun and Gunter Menning
Mathematical Modeling of the Traffic Congestion Problem at a University CampusS.A. Oke, O.O. Lofinmakin, T.A.O. Salau, O.G. Akanbi and C.E. Ofiabulu,
Locally Measurable Signal in General Multimachine System of STATCOM Controler for Enchancing TransiPrechanon Kumkratug

Vol.5 July - September
Preface From The Guest Editorial BoardVol. 5 No.3
The Monitoring of Water Content in PEMFC via State Observer TechniqueChanin Panjapornpon* and Chinnavat Thawornkuno
Breakthrough and Exhaustion Time Analysis for Toluene Adsorption by Activated Carbon Produced from RC. Bunyakan, J. Chungsiriporn, J. Rattanapisit and J. Intamanee
Efficiency of a 10,000 liter/day Biodiesel Production Plant using Crude Palm Oil at Suratthani ProviCharkrit Tongurai, Songtham Phothavorn and Thanet Waisuwan
Clean Fuel from Waste Tire and Polystyrene: Pyrolysis in Various Gas AtmospheresKampanard Pardrakee, Dusadee Tumnantong, Somkiat Ngamprasertsith, and Pattarapan Prasassarakich*
The Dependency of Cathode Platinum Loading on Electrical Active Area and Performance of a Pem Fuel CAmaraporn Kaewchada, Sunun Limtrakul*, Terdthai Vatanatham and Michael W. Fowler
A Comparative Study on Net Energy Gain of Main Raw Materials for Ethanol Production in ThailandWorayut Saibuatrong and Thumrongrut Mungcharoen*
Multiple Steady States in Distributed Parameter Systems using Boundary Element and Arc Length ContinP.A. Ramachandran* and R.C. Ramaswamy
Effect of Nucleation Process on Crystallization Kinetics and Morphological Development during PolymeUthane Nanthapoolsub and Siripon Anantawaraskul*
Radiation-induced Grafting of Styrene onto Natural Rubber Latex with High Rubber Content by Gamma RaTarinee Nampitch*, Ladawan Songtipya,Roungrong Thongtan, Rapeepong Suwanwarangkul and Terdthai Vatta
Main Parameter Controlling the Crystal Growth Rate of the TiO2 Nanocrystal during High-Temperature TKongkiat Suriye, Piyasan Praserthdam*,Bunjerd Jongsomjit
Glass Fiber/Nylon 6 Composite: Effect of Silane-Coupling AgentsA. Duangchan and M.C. Williams
Biohydrogen from Phototrophic Bacteria, A Renewable Energy Potentially Combine with Fuel CellLerluck (Buranakarl) Chitradon*, Wilawan Channarong, Mongkol Ngmjarearnwong and Numtip Dechprae
Review of ZnO Nanoparticle Synthesis with Focus on Gas-phase Reaction of Zinc PowderTawatchai Charinpanitkul* and Wiwut Tanthapanichakoon

Vol.5 October - December
Author IndexVolume 1 - 4 (2008)
Wall Movement Analysis of Deep Excavations in Bangkok Subsoil considering Small Strain StiffnessAnucha Wonglert, Pornkasem Jongpradist and Thaveechai Kalasin
Preliminary Study of Nickel Aluminate Prepared from Nickel Complex as a Solid Support for HydrogenatSarute Ummartyotin, Sarawut Sangngirn1, Nattamon Koonsaeng, Nungruethai Yoswathananont, Masaaki Sat
Numerical and Experimental Validation of Skin and Core Material Distribution in Sandwich InjectionSomjate Patcharaphun
Investigation of the Interrelationship between Inspection Errors on Quality CostsS. Klankamsorn
Design of Servo Systems for a Twowheeled Robot using Integratorsaugmented Observer-based LQRWithit Chatlatanagulchai, Kittipong Yaovaja and Taweedej Siritanapipat
A Study on Melt Rheology and Extrudate Swell of High Density Polyethylene in a Single Screw ExtruderTitima Thongpradid, Terdthai Vatanatham and Sunun Limtrakul

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